The Quick-N-Dirty Guides

These pages are designed for the user who may or may not be a novice but just wants to get something working. We have made an effort to provide step by step instructions so that you can install mutt, for example, and be able to use it to send and receive email without doing hours of research.

The tradeoff is limited functionality. Mutt can do a great many things, hence its popularity, however, we don't go into that here. The page about samba is the same way--the idea is to enable you to quickly get it up and running to share files on your home network.

When possible, we give references for further study so that the reader may learn more about the program in mind.

Guides will be added at random intervals, usually depending upon our spare time and inclination. For example, one of us prefers getmail to fetchmail, began using it, and decided to do a QND-Guide about it.

(That particular guide is now listed as a reference in FreeBSD's /usr/ports/UPDATING)

Between us we have used a great many varieties of Linux, Unix and the BSDs and do our best to make our descriptions general enough so that the reader will be able to make use of the page, regardless of distribution or operating system.

You can always email us at with a request for a guide but we can't promise to respond. (You can also mail in criticisms, compliments and corrections)

So, without further ado, here they are.

Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License